• What is it?

    It is a value card that can be offered as a gift a loved one to be used for purchases on

  • Why choose a giftcard?

    It is a universal gift

    Person receiving it decides when and how to use it

    You don't have to search for the perfect gift anymore

  • How does it work?

    Buy the card with the desired value by accessing the menu Products, section GiftCard. Select the card and add it to the cart, complete the order and you will receive it in an envelope, at the Postal Office or at your home, according to the mode of delivery chosen.

    Then offer it as a gift, and the person who buys products on, at checkout enters the code on the card in the dedicated field. Of the total order the value stated on the card will be decreased.

    If the order value is less, money will remain on the card. The difference can be used another time.

    If higher, the card value becomes 0 and the difference is paid by other means.